Chadron State College
Chadron State College

Admissions Ambassador Emory Dye

Emory DyeName: Emory Dye

Major: Human Biology (Pre-Medicine)

Hometown: Gering, Neb.

High school: Mitchell High School

What attracted you to your major? I was always attracted to health care growing up, but really didn’t know what area I wanted to pursue. I was strongly attracted to medicine after shadowing my family physician for a few days during my senior year of high school. I could tell that his job was very challenging, yet even more rewarding. I loved how every day I shadowed him he was able to help and meet new people and there was a lot of variety in what he did day-to-day. I could tell he had a sense of pride in what he was doing and he was able to travel to different parts of the world, while still being able to carry out his profession.

What are you involved in on campus? Apart from being an ambassador I’m involved in a bunch of different clubs and events here on campus. I’m pretty involved in Health Professions Club, Student Senate, Intramurals, Sports Medicine Club, and almost always attend Night of Country Swing. I’d definitely recommend getting into Health Professions Club, even if you’re not a health major, just because you get to go on a sweet snowboarding trip for real cheap! NOCS is also pretty awesome to get into, whether you know how to swing dance or not. Everybody there is really cool and will definitely teach you in just a couple hours.

Where do you hang out in your spare time—what is “your spot” on campus? Honestly, you’d probably find me studying my life away in a quiet, yet cozy, desk in the Math and Science building. The science professors here at Chadron demand a lot in order to prepare us for what lies ahead and also because I’m pretty sure they enjoy taking away any sort of social life I could possibly have ;). Just kidding, in my free time I’m usually outside somewhere either on campus or off, maybe out playing some catch in front of the dorms or out on the driving range at the golf course.

What is your favorite class? My favorite class this semester is Microbiology; this class has shown me the importance and danger of bacteria. The professor, Dr. Buchman, does a great job of making the class fun and relatable. For instance, just the other day we learned about how some bacteria are quite “promiscuous” and will try to recombine with any other bacteria, whereas other bacteria are more “selective” when choosing their “mates.” She simply makes an 8 a.m. class not only bearable, but even kind of fun. Plus—what other class do you get to make wine and yogurt in?

Why did you choose CSC and why do you stay? I chose CSC because of the awesome time I had when I came up for my visit and because I was accepted into the Rural Health Opportunities Program. I’ve stayed here at Chadron because of all the sweet times, friends and memories I’ve made and had during my first two years. Throw a quality education and a few good-looking—yet sadly taken—girls in the mix and it doesn’t take much for me to realize that CSC is where I want to be.