Early Entry

Incoming Credit

Early Entry Program

The CSC High School Early Entry Program is extended to high school juniors and seniors contingent upon the permission of parent/guardian, recommendation from a high school official, and ONE of the following:

Early Entry students are limited to a maximum of six credit hours per semester and a total accumulation of 16 credit hours during high school. College credit is granted upon verification of a high school diploma, and Chadron State College accepts these credits into programs of study. If you do not plan to complete your degree at CSC, you should check in advance with the institution of your choice to verify acceptance of CSC Early Entry credits. You will be enrolling for Section 79 in which the course content is all online and our flat rate applies.

Here's how it works:

  1. NEW* Students: please complete the non-degree seeking Early-Entry admissions application.
  2. Complete the Early Entry enrollment request form in the presence of your High School Counselor or Principal.
  3. Read the DISCLAIMER carefully before completing the form.
  4. Read and understand the add, drop and withdraw dates for each term/session.
  5. Check with the bookstore to see if/which text is required for your course. Reserve your book(s) online at Keep your receipt in case you need to make an exchange.
  6. Make payment for your course(s). Attend class.
  7. Good luck and thank you for enrolling. Please contact for more information.

*If this is your first time taking courses at CSC, please apply first. Once your application is processed, then you can request enrollment. Returning students only need to complete the Early Entry Enrollment Request form to enroll.

Financial Resources for Nebraska High School Students

Documentation must be submitted with the Access College Early application confirming the student or student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) have been approved to receive benefits from one of the programs below. For example, a letter from the state WIC office certifying eligibility for the program, a letter from a high school administrator or counselor certifying eligibility for the free or reduced lunch program, etc. Please note: Social Security SSI benefits are not Survivor’s Benefits…they are two different programs. If you have any questions while completing this application, please contact Ritchie Morrow, Financial Aid Coordinator with the CCPE via e-mail at or phone at 402.471.0032.